Voice chat apps are growing in popularity every day. This time is ideal if you are thinking of pp for voice chat mobile app development. But before you jump right into development, check out the must-have features for a voice chat app that we discuss below.

More servers and channels

Having multiple servers and channels is a must for voice chat app development in New Jersey as it helps build communities. Users should be able to create or join multiple channels as per their interests. As for the channel administrator, he should have special permissions such as:

  • Create specific channels for voice and text messages.
  • Instruct the user about their role in the channel.
  • Ability to invite friends and others to join the server.
  • Implement changes through authentication settings and avoid creating duplicate accounts.
  • Transfer admin privileges to another person or account.

Manage roles and permissions

If you do a voice chat app development in New Jersey, make sure the conversation is fully controlled by an administrator. This means that the administrator should have control over the roles of individuals and the permissions granted to them.

An administrator can assign different roles and responsibilities to channel and server members. Make sure the admin can do all this in the channel settings. A voice chat application can have a number of permissions set by an administrator, including necessary permissions such as general, text, and voice permissions.

Voice and text messaging features

Although all major voice chat apps like Discord focus primarily on voice features, they offer basic text messaging features. And if you do voice chat app development in New Jersey, you need to make sure to include voice and chat features in your app. Make sure the app maintains the excellent quality of your voice and video.

Customize profiles

Just like any other application, creating a user profile is also a must for voice chat applications. It would be best if you equip your voice chat app with a customizable profile so that the user can customize their profile. Customizable profiles should allow the user to add several details such as

  • name
  • Nickname
  • Profile picture
  • A short biography

In addition, the user can provide details about themselves, such as linking their social media handles and connecting with friends. It's also a great idea to have users create a profile first using their social media account or Google.

Search function

The search feature is a basic but essential feature of your voice chat app. It doesn't matter what type of design you use or the advanced features you have in the app. You will still need to implement the normal search functionality. The main reason is that the user expects the same from you. Searching for contacts, groups, or messages within the application is also a matter of course.

Message history

Some apps tend to automatically delete old messages once their storage limit is over. While some people may not have a problem with this, it's always best to let the user decide what they want to do with the old messages. Give the user the ability to save the conversation securely to cloud storage. As a result, the user can retrieve their old messages whenever they want.

Screen sharing

Another important feature that you can include in your voice chat app is screen sharing. Enabling the screen sharing feature allows you to support interactive communication within the voice chat application. Users can use this feature while watching movies or playing games with their friends to create a more entertaining environment.


Any communication app, including a voice chat app, is incomplete without an instant message notification. It ensures effective communication between people using your voice chat app. In other words, it helps you maintain connectivity between users.

In addition, notifications also ensure active interaction with your app for each incoming message. However, you still need to provide users with the necessary options to control notifications. Basic notification processing functions include the following.

  • Mute notifications completely.
  • Mute notifications for specific contacts, chats, or channels.
  • Mute notifications for specific time limits.