App Development for Out Customer’s marketing strategies of 

Smartphones and their applications have not only brought a change in society but also in companies and have established themselves as another marketing channel. Mobile apps need to be thin and attractive. Their use must be intuitive and they must be able to map entire company processes. They should also be usable both online and offline. We develop applications for our customers that meet all requirements. We focus on native applications for the B2C or B2B area of ​​our customers and focus on the two most common and important mobile platforms - Android and iOS development.

Our Service: Make the right strategy and technology decisions for your application

Before we start implementing the application project, we advise our customers and develop a mobile strategy together. Objectives, target groups, and needs are decisive. In addition to developers, advertising experts are at the table from the start to help focus the user perspective throughout the app development process and align strategy with successful marketing.

Once a mobile strategy is in place, we'll support you in choosing the right technology. In particular, native, hybrid, and web applications should be considered. Native apps are optimized for a specific operating system, meaning that device hardware such as the camera and microphone can be accessed. Web applications work on all operating systems because they are developed using typical web technologies such as HTML5. Hybrid apps are also based on typical web technologies but can be ported across platforms and packaged as native apps to access hardware features. Thanks to our know-how and experience in developing a wide range of applications for different platforms, we incorporate decision-making criteria such as development costs, availability, performance, security, etc. into the technology selection. This way, our customers get the best possible smartphone or tablet application for a coordinated project framework.

Our Tools: Mobile App User Experience

Nowadays, mobile applications are used not only in a private environment but also professionally for various business processes and workflows. We develop user-oriented and targeted concepts and solutions for mobile platforms for our customers. We always use the most modern technologies that achieve the best possible user experience.

The user experience of a mobile app is not only about the visual design of the interface. Mobile application user experience rather aims to develop a comprehensive user and operational concept for a mobile application. This is very important in a mobile context because mobile applications differ in many areas from classic desktop applications or websites. Mobile applications are often developed for many different devices that differ significantly in their characteristics (eg screen size). The situation in which a mobile app is used can also be very different compared to a desktop app. For example, when booking a ticket, the user may be standing in a moving crowded bus. Therefore, app usability always plays a major role.

Applications are now used in all sorts of fields to map complex business processes and procedures. When developing a mobile application for our customers, depending on the project context or target audience, it may make sense to adhere to platform-specific design and operation concepts or explicitly deviate from them.

In order to develop the best possible solution for our customers, it is therefore essential that our team focuses on user behavior and the concept of control when Mobile app development. We deal with questions such as: Who is the mobile application intended for? What problem should a mobile app solve? How can a user make the best use of a mobile application? What is the current business process and how can it be mapped using a mobile application? What classes of devices should the app be designed for?

Your result: The concept of an individual mobile application

The result of our work is a mobile application concept that meets mobile standards as well as the individual needs of our customers and guides application users. We have already implemented different applications for different customers and applications with this approach. Our rich experience also includes modern use cases in the IoT and smart home sectors.

Once your app is ready to sell, we support you in successfully managing the launch and building sustainable and successful relationships for your company through user interaction. We provide additional marketing with performance campaigns that are focused on your business goals.


  • Mobile App Toolbox - Mobile app strategy consulting, UX concept for apps, and app development.
  • We create harmony between mobile habits and a typical corporate look and feel.
  • Consideration of platform-specific operational concepts or deliberate deviations from them.
  • Direct consideration of appropriate marketing technologies for analysis and marketing of the application in the development phase.